07.07.14 - Canada’s growing privacy deficit (rabble.ca)

07.07.14 - Why the secrecy on the TPP talks this week? (rabble.ca)

06.19.14 - Peter MacKay misleads Parliament about government powers to violate privacy (michaelgeist.ca)

06.06.14 - The BCCLA reacts to government plans to monitor every protest in the country (bccla.org)

04.10.14 - Conservative staffers caught interfering with access to information, Minister blocks Commissioner's invesigation (macleans.ca)

Research and Op-Eds

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Downsizing Democracy

Advanced Persistent Threat: The Need for A New Vigilance
Big Money, in its various forms, have spent centuries looking for vulnerabilities in our systems of government, and developing increasingly sophisticated and effective exploits that give them unprecedented power ... continue reading

Democracy Theatre and the Resulting Futility
Public turnout for elections has gotten pathetically low, and we suggest that the reason for this is a widespread sense of futility.  More and more people see elections as a pointless exercise in choosing which undesirable candidate will get the privilege of doing the bidding of large moneyed interests. ... continue reading
Legalize Democracy by movetoamend.org

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Glenn Greenwald Debates Former NSA Director Michael Hayden and Alex Dershowitz

Barton Gellman Debates Former NSA Director Michael Hayden


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